Renewing Your CAPC Distance Education (DE) Training Credential

A CAPC Distance Education Training Credential expires after five years. Choose one of the following options to renew a training credential for an additional five years.

Online Faculty Development (OFD) Options

1. Retake the Online/Blended Faculty Development Program (OFD)

OFD is redesigned every three years to keep current with emerging technologies and pedagogical research. Review information about OFD. Complete the OFD registration form.

2. Co-facilitate OFD

Prerequisite: successful completion of an Online/Blended Faculty Development Program and three or more years of online teaching experience at WCU.

Five opportunities are offered to experienced online faculty per year. Not all faculty are guaranteed this option. Contact your instructional designer to indicate your interest.

Quality Matters (QM) Options

1. Attend Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) Training (One-Day)

This full day workshop will renew your CAPC Distance Education Training Credential and award you the official QM APPQMR Certificate of Completion. It is facilitated by a WCU instructional designer. Participants must attend the whole day from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Complete the APPQMR interest form

2. Obtain QM Course Certification

Prerequisite: acceptance into the QM Initiative

Earning the QM certification for one of your courses will renew your CAPC DE Training Credential.

3. Complete official QM Peer Reviewer or Master Reviewer Course

Prerequisite: successful completion of APPQMR training

Completing either course will renew your CAPC DE Training Credential. Both courses are typically 2 to 3 weeks in length and asynchronous. QM workshops are rigorous and have firm deadlines, so be sure you have adequate time to complete the required assignments. Faculty interested in either course should contact their instructional designer for registration information.

4. Participate on a QM Course Review Team

Prerequisite: successful completion of QM Peer Reviewer (PRC) Course

Serving on a QM Peer Review team for an official QM course review will renew your CAPC DE Training Credential.

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