The Biota of the Gordon Natural Area - Fish

The ichthyofauna (aka, fish) of the GNA has been the focus of relatively little research. Former WCU professor Win Fairchild published one study that included monitoring of Plum Run during 1997 and 1998. In 2005, Danielle Difederico, who was a graduate student with Dr. Fairchild, collected data for her thesis from four locations in Plum Run within the boundaries of the GNA. More recently, the Stroud Water Research Center (SWRC) has been conducting annual monitoring of water conditions and the biota in Plum Run. The fish data from their 2018 monitoring are included in this data set.

To date, just 14 species of fish, in 13 Genera, 6 Families, and 5 Orders have been recorded for the GNA. The SWRC will likely continue annual monitoring of Plum Run, and their work will continue to amplify the fish species list.

One particularly interesting taxon—a species of African Lungfish that almost certainly represented someone’s released (former) pet—was noted in 2012 by the Gerry Hertel, the GNA Stewardship Manager at the time.

You can explore the fish checklist below, or you can access a pdf copy of the checklist.