Application Tips

Please review the tips below for completing the West Chester University admissions application.

  • Please read all instructions provided on the Introduction page before starting your application. These instructions provide you with critical information to help you through the submission process, but also to ensure you provide the Office of Admissions with all required credentials. West Chester University does NOT require applicants to use a code when applying with a fee waiver.
  • To start your application, after reading the instructions, scroll to the bottom of the Introduction page and click Begin or Continue Application for West Chester University.
  • Certain questions on the admissions application are required. If you happen to skip a required question you will receive a notification and you will not be able to proceed to the next section of the application until the required question is answered.
  • If you are a first year applicant who is taking or has taken courses at a college or university while in high school please select YES when answering Question #2. This also pertains to college credit courses taught at your high school by college faculty.
    *NOTE - this does NOT include AP credit(s) you may be receiving from College Board.
    • When you get to section 6 of the application you must provide the name and address of the college/university issuing the credits. Remember to include the dates attended/attending, but you are not required to select a degree earned/will earn. If you are unable provide the name of the college/university issuing the credits OR mistakenly selected YES to question #2, please revisit question #2 and change your answer to NO.
  • When selecting the credit card payment option, please do not close your internet browser before receiving your application confirmation page with confirmation number. You will be taken to credit card processing to submit your credit card information, then automatically returned to your West Chester confirmation page at which time your transaction has been completed. In addition to your confirmation page, successfully submitted applications to West Chester University, with credit card payment, will receive two emails: one confirming payment and the second confirming submission.
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