Student Community Agreement

Students play a critical role in helping the community mitigate the infection and spread of the disease. In order to have a successful semester, we will all need to do our part, which includes educating ourselves and abiding by the posted health and safety measures. As such, you must agree to the following community contract to enroll this academic year.

I understand that there may be health risks associated with communicable diseases that are beyond the control of the University. By enrolling in classes, you agree to follow all federal, state, county, local, and University guidelines listed below, as well as those issued throughout the academic year and communicated to students via Student Health Services.

  • Educate Yourself. You will actively participate in knowing the protocols and requirements (and complete mandatory training as required by the University), so that you understand all University requirements and expectations.
  • Citizenship. You will follow public health orders as communicated to you from the University and public health officials to practice responsible active citizenship.
  • Mask. You agree to properly wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth when directed.
  • Social Distancing. You will follow public health orders as communicated to you from the University and public health officials.
    1. You agree to observe occupancy restrictions.
    2. You agree to respect others’ personal boundaries and honor requests for safety concerns whenever reasonably possible.
    3. You must comply with the social distancing signage when communicated.
  • Participate in Random Screening and Surveillance Testing. Should the need arise, you agree to participate in random screening.
  • Hygiene. Take extra steps to wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day after touching public surfaces.
  • Residence Life. Residential students in University student housing are subject to additional rules and agree to comply with the specific Rules and Regulations that apply.
  • Residence Life Guests. You agree to learn and comply with the specific rules and expectations that apply to the residence hall facilities as WCU students and guests are subject to the same safety procedures as residential students.
  • Plan. You plan to learn and comply with all guidelines for events and social gatherings.
  • Requirements for those experiencing symptoms of illness. Seek medical attention and follow all medical advice and University directives if you experience symptoms potentially related to a communicable disease as defined by the CDC.
  • Exposure. Seek and follow all medical advice if you have been notified regarding exposure to someone with a communicable disease. You agree to quarantine as directed by your health care provider or public health official and self-isolate during any period of time during which you are awaiting the result of a test.
  • Outbreak. If an outbreak is identified by the state or local health department, you agree to follow all emergency procedures that can include but are not limited to immediate self-isolation, quarantine, and move out.

The intentional disregard for the health and safety of the community demonstrated by the failure to follow these measures may result in the temporary or permanent removal from housing, in-person class(es), and/or the campus facilities. Strict compliance with the Student Code of Conduct is essential at this time, and violations will not be tolerated. This includes violations of criminal law, local ordinances, directives of municipalities, state mandates, or federal guidelines related to public health emergencies.

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