The Business Systems Office

is tasked with the mission to optimize business processes for the University community by promoting efficient and effective workflows and systems designs.


Business Systems Updates

BI Reports Training is now being scheduled using the university's FAST training calendar.



Business  Systems Resources and Links



SAP is the ERP system used for HR, Payroll and Accounting functions. SAP access is required to use the eReq functionality via the 'Material Management' or SAP GUI tabs in the Employee Self Service Portal.

BI Reports

BI Reports provided budget \ accounting reports. The BI Reports data is processed nightly; reports reflect data from the close of business the previous day.


SourcePoint (also known as SAP Ariba) is the online tool that employees can use for purchasing. SourcePoint access is required to use the SourcePoint functionality via the 'SourcePoint' tab in the Employee Self Service Portal.

Fund Center Support

The Business Team maintains the Fund Centers \ Cost Centers in SAP via the following forms:




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