The Center for Women & Gender Equity

About Us

Since 1974, we have been serving as advocates for gender equity issues in collaboration with the campus community. 


The Center for Women and Gender Equity actively promotes and advocates for a campus community that values the safety, equality, and intellectual advancement of women and other historically marginalized groups.

Our mission is accomplished by:

  • Facilitating co-curricular initiatives that address a wide range of issues that affect the success and well-being of women.
  • Offering opportunities to examine the ways in which gender-based oppression intersects with other forms of systemic oppression.
  • Coordinating campus wide violence prevention initiatives designed to engage all members of the University community.
  • Engaging allies through programming focused on exploring concepts of masculinities.
  • Building partners-in-movement through programming that supports and engages with other historically marginalized groups.
  • Providing referrals and support to campus and community partners on issues that disproportionately impact women.
  • Advocating for systemic changes that support women and other historically marginalized groups.


Where is the Center for Women & Gender Equity located? What are your hours?

We are located in 214 Lawrence Center, just up the stairs from Einstein's Bagels.  We are typically available between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday during the academic year. 

Do you provide reproductive health services?  

No, the Center for Women & Gender Equity is not equipped to provide any reproductive healthcare services. We do provide free condoms and barriers for contraception and safer sex practices, as well as menstrual hygiene supplies. If you are seeking reproductive health services, please visit Student Health Services in Commonwealth Hall or this link for additional resources.

Do you provide pregnancy tests?

 No, we do not offer pregnancy tests.  Student Health Services can provide pregnancy tests.

Who is welcome at the Center for Women & Gender Equity? 

All members of the WCU community! People of all genders are invited and encouraged to stop by our office, visit our social media, and attend our programs. 

Can I work at the Center for Women and Gender Equity?

Yes, the Center for Women & Gender Equity does offer positions for undergraduate and graduate students. Hiring for our peer educator position and graduate assistant position typically takes place during the Spring semester for the following Fall. Hiring for our desk assistant position typically occurs during the Fall. Please check Handshake for open positions.  

I want to get involved with the Center for  Women & Gender Equity. How can I do that?

To get involved with CW&GE, please consider attending one of our programs this semester. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for updates and upcoming events.  If you are interested in requesting a program for your class or student organization, please contact Tess Benser.  You can also schedule a short meeting with a member of the full time staff by visiting our Bookings page.

Do you provide support for people who have experienced harm?

The Center for Women & Gender Equity is able to provide non-confidential, non-clinical support for survivors. Our space is not a confidential resource.  For more information about resources available to folks who have experienced harm, please review Resources and support offered by the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/Title IX Office.

What resources are available to people who have experienced harm?

There are a number of resources available on WCU's campus for folks who have been harmed.

Confidential Resources:

  • The Counseling Center: All counseling is confidential; counselors cannot speak with others about a student's situation without the student's permission. Located in Lawrence 241. Call (610) 436-2301.
  • WCU Community Mental Health Clinic (CMHC): Services are provided by graduate students supervised by experienced, licensed psychologists. Must be referred there to schedule an appointment. Located in Wayne Hall on the 8th floor. Call (610) 436-2510.
  • Student Health Services: Nurse practitioners and physicians can provide appropriate medical treatment and care. Post-assault forensic evidence collection (a rape kit) is not available at Student Health Services, but its staff can locate medical providers who offer this service. Located in Commonwealth Hall on the ground floor. Call (610) 436-2509

Non-Exhaustive List of On-Campus Resources (Non-Confidential)

  • Dowdy Multicultural Center: Sykes 003
  • Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy: Sykes 252
  • Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 114 West Rosedale Avenue
  • Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life: Sykes 238
  • Office of Student Conduct: Ruby Jones Hall, Room 200
  • Public Safety: 690 South Church Street

Do you provide gender affirming items, such as binders, packers, gaffes/tucking supplies, etc.? 

No, the Center for Women & Gender Equity does not currently provide gender affirming clothing. Please visit the Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy for resources available to trans and queer students.

Do you want to attend a Center for Women & Gender Equity event or program in the coming weeks? Stay up to date with our current programs by visiting our RamConnect Page: Learn More and Register By Clicking This Link!

 Check out our social media for the most up-to-date information!

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