The Biota of the Gordon Natural Area - Birds

After vascular plants and fungi, birds constitute the third-most intensively studied biotic group at the GNA. Initial avian data came from 2004, when the West Chester Bird Club conducted a study of the avifauna of the GNA from April to October of that year. Results of that survey are available here on Digital Commons.

Since 2004, informal birding continued at the GNA, but data were not regularly compiled in a central area. However, in recent years, Dr. Josh Auld (Department of Biology) has been leading birding outings to the GNA. Data from this research has been compiled in-house and has also been submitted to the citizen-science project eBird. We have also compiled avian data from all other observers that have uploaded their avian observations in the GNA to eBird.

To date, 127 species of birds, in 87 genera, 38 families, and 15 orders have been observed in the GNA. Of these, five species are on the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program's list of species of conservation concern. Regrettably, we have only a few photos of the GNA avifauna (to date, just 14 photos).

You can explore the avian checklist below, or you can access a pdf copy of the checklist.

Note: Dr. Auld also leads the WCU Student Birding Club. If you have an interest in birds and/or birding at the GNA, please contact Dr. Auld.