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Serving Students with Disabilities

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2. Provide information about your disability experience
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The OEA is always hiring for a variety of support service positions including exam proctors, notetakers, readers and scribes. If you have regular availability between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday during Fall and/or Spring semesters, can commit to a regular schedule, and would like to work up to 20 hours per week (compensation varies by position) please see the job posting(s) and apply via Handshake.

We proudly embrace the values of West Chester University and remain committed to treating all members of our community with respect and dignity. Read the full WCU Values Statement.

In the Office of Educational Accessibility, that respect includes the following:

  • We recognize and affirm a student’s right to personal autonomy. This includes their right to choose when, how, and to whom they disclose their disability. The Letter of Accommodation is a tool to communicate a student's accommodations to their faculty and contains no information other than what accommodations the professor is required to make available. The choice to share anything further is entirely up to the student.
  • We respect that the student has the right to tell their own story in their own way. OEA will not share anything related to a diagnosis, treatment, or anything else related to a student’s status with OEA without their express permission.
  • We recognize that along with the right to self-determination, there comes the responsibility of self-advocacy. OEA will only advocate on a student's behalf at their request and will keep them abreast of any action being taken on their behalf.
  • We respect a person’s right to their own language of reference including their language of disability, gender, race, sexuality, etc. OEA recognizes that language has power, and we will honor your language of reference in interactions with you and concerning you.

OEA Mission Statement, Values Statement & Student Learning Outcomes

Orientation and Information Session Presentation - Welcome to OEA!

How do I schedule an appointment?

NEW OEA Students: Complete the Student Disability Disclosure Form including any supporting documentation. Once the OEA staff have had a chance to review the disclosure form, students will be contacted via their WCU email with information about how to schedule an appointment through the RAMS - Accommodate system

CURRENT OEA Students: Students who currently have accommodations with the OEA and want to meet with a member of the OEA staff should login to their portal to request an appointment, or you can call our office at 610.436.2564 to schedule a meeting. Appointments are available during office hours either on campus or remotely via Zoom or phone.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS, PARENTS, ALUMNI, and OTHERS: Please call our office at 610.436.2564 to schedule a meeting. You can also reach us via email at Appointments are available during office hours either on campus or remotely via Zoom or phone.

If you require accommodations to access any part of the disclosure process or any interaction with OEA, please contact us at

Prospective Student OEA Information Session Dates

OEA- Information Sessions

Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA) Information Sessions are offered via Zoom and are open to students as well as any other interested parties. These one-hour sessions are hosted by either the OEA Director or the OEA Senior Accommodations Specialist and are designed to include multiple students/family members. Please note that because these sessions are open to the public, we are unable to discuss any personal information.

Please Pre-Register in advance for these meetings. You can do this by selecting the Zoom Link below:

Here are the dates for our Spring 2024 Information Sessions:

1) Monday, January 29th

2) Monday, February 26th

3) Monday, March 25th

4) Monday, April 29th

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our main office by email:

How do I receive a Letter of Accommodation for the first time? Follow the 3-Step Process:

Step 1: Complete the OEA Student Disability Disclosure Form. You will be required to submit any supporting documentation you may have either from a previous educational institution (e.g., IEP, 504, etc.) or a medical or psychiatric provider. Please refer to the Documentation Guidelines for OEA Disclosure for more information. Generally, documentation must include at least a description of the impact of your disability on you specifically as well as a description of any recommendations for specific accommodations.

Please note that documentation is only accepted through the RAMS - Accommodate portal and never directly from third parties.

Step 2: Once the OEA staff have had a chance to review the disclosure form, students will be contacted via their WCU email with information about how to schedule an appointment through the RAMS - Accommodate system to establish accommodations for the first time.

Step 3: Attend a one-on-one initial meeting, which will last for approximately 20-30 minutes and can be scheduled via Zoom or in-person (subject to availability).

How do I RENEW my Letter of Accommodation?

Log in to your portal and complete a semester request:

Accommodation > Semester Request > Add New > Select Semester > Submit for all OR Review (to select which courses you want to utilize which accommodations)


The OEA is committed to ensuring that all students and visitors are provided accessibility to our office. If, due to a disability, you require accommodation to access our office, please contact us at or by phone at 610.436.2564, and let us know how we may be of assistance.

Policies & Procedures

We are currently in the process of updating our policies and procedures documents to reflect changes in our name and procedures. Please check back for soon for more information

...coming soon!

Location & Parking

Traffic and parking are unpredictable for students, staff, faculty and visitors. It is advisable to allow extra time (up to 30 minutes) when you have a meeting scheduled in our offices. Do not park illegally; we cannot reimburse for parking violations.

There are accessible entrances to Lawrence Center facing the interior of campus which can be accessed from S. New Street either via the sidewalk next to the building closest to Student Health Services or via the ramp located at the top of the hill (there is also handicap parking available) or by taking the far sidewalk next to the Student Recreation Center. Once inside the building, the elevator is located in the lobby behind Einstein Brother's Bagels (behind the blue doors near the former dining hall).

Our offices are located on the second floor. When coming off of the elevator proceed straight ahead to the far hallway and turn right then take the second left -- we're about half way down on the left hand side. If you're taking the stairs, when you get to the lobby take the hallway on the left hand side then take the second left -- we're about half way down on the left hand side.

For an overview of our location, view our campus map .

Please refer to the WCU Parking Services webpage for up to date information.

OEA Mindfulness Program

The OEA Mindfulness Program was implemented in 2017. The mindfulness team works with students to incorporate healthy, mindful habits in their everyday lives through contemplative practice. The Mindfulness Program is free of charge and is open for all OEA-registered students. There is no prior knowledge of mindfulness needed in order to participate! During remote learning, mindfulness sessions are available remotely via Zoom!

If you would like more information about the OEA Mindfulness Program, you may contact

WCU Animals on Campus Policy

For information about WCU's Animals on Campus Policy .

new OEA students requesting accommodations for the first time AT WCU…click here

*Incoming first year and transfer students will need to schedule an appointment for after May 15, 2024. Schedules will be available through the RAMS-Accommodate portal in mid-April. You may receive separate communication regarding any non-academic accommodations you have requested (i.e. housing, parking, meal plans, etc.)*

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