Financial Literacy

What is #WCUFinLit

Here on campus, our Financial Literacy Ambassadors go around and help students understand what financial literacy is. Financial literacy is understanding and applying different types of financial situations to every day life. Our ambassadors set up events, make games, have tables all over campus, and now you can request ambassadors to come to your organizations and classrooms to teach!

#WCUFinLit Partners with PSECU

In September 2017 PSECU opened it’s 22nd Financial Education Center at West Chester University. PSECU offers students, staff and faculty access to free checking accounts, free savings accounts, and convenient ATM’s located around campus. PSECU is your credit union on campus.

WCU FinLit Tool Kit

#WCUFinLit Ambassadors

The #WCUFinLit Ambassadors are a group of student workers employed by the Office of Financial Aid to offer educational programming in budgeting, credit management, student loans and more. The #WCUFinLit team offers monthly interactive events such as Game Nights, Bingo, and Carnivals as well as offers presentations to different classes and student organizations. If you are interested in requesting presentation or collaborating on an event with our #WCUFinLit Ambassador team, please email

Meet the Ambassadors

  • Name: Olivia Alvare
    Year: Junior
    Major: Finance and Economics
    Hometown: Ardmore, PA

    Why did you apply to be a #WCUFinLit Ambassador?

    This is my second year as a Financial Literacy Ambassador and I hope to continue making this program bigger and better. West Chester University has been my home for three years now and teaching students about financial literacy means an exceptional amount to me. After working in the financial aid office this summer as an intern, it has taught me that many students need assi stance in financial literacy and I cannot wait to provide them with all the knowledge I have!

  • Name: Tyshawn Hinton
    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Accounting
    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

    Why did you apply to be a #WCUFinLit Ambassador?

    I chose WCUFinLit because I wanted to expand my knowledge of financial literacy, and be able to use those skills in my everyday life. Also I wanted to take that knowledge I acquired and share it with my friends and family. Financial literacy is something everyone should be well-versed in and having those skill puts you in a better position to be successful in life.

  • Name: Dan Fisher
    Year: Junior; Transfer Student
    Major: Finance
    Hometown: Media, PA

    Why did you apply to be a #WCUFinLit Ambassador?

    One of the many reasons I chose West Chester is because it’s academic reputation. I have numerous friends who have graduated from West Chester and they all talk about how well West Chester prepared them for life after college. Financial literacy helps people achieve financial stability, an issue that people of all ages deal with in the United States. Financial illiteracy affects many people, but seems to be a major problem among current college students as well as college graduates. Financial literacy education may not be the only solution, but it can certainly help solve this overwhelming problem in our country.

  • Name: Cierra Johnson
    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Business Management
    Hometown: Coatesville, PA

    Why did you apply to be a #WCUFinLit Ambassador?

    I chose West Chester because it was close to home, but not too close, and because it was affordable but still good quality. I chose financial literacy because it is important and something I will use for the rest of my life. Understanding how money works and the meanings of different financial terms will help me make better financial decisions.

  • Name: Liam Congleton
    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Economics and Finance
    Hometown: West Chester, PA

    Why did you apply to be a #WCUFinLit Ambassador?

    I have had interest in Economics ever since my sophomore year of high school when I experience my first class on economics. It covered both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. It has always interested me in how both these subjects of studies seek to explain the word through money, something of which is greatly relevant to most peoples around the globe. This first glimpse into the new world view of which economics provided also helped me to decide to pick economics as my major at West Chester University. So far, I have been nothing but impressed by my professors, and am certainly pleased with the program. The position of Financial Literacy Ambassador is very appealing also, as there are many students who are so seemingly lacking in their education regarding loans and credit that they are potentially setting themselves up for a disastrous start in their careers for whatever field they’re entering.

  • Name: Jalahan Janneh
    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Business Management with a Minor in Marketing
    Hometown: Sierra Leone and Guinea

    Why did you apply to be a #WCUFinLit Ambassador?

    Jalahan is grateful to be a part of the Financial Literacy team because she enjoys educating people about personal budgeting and finance. She believes it’s a skill that everyone should have in college in order to prepare for the real world.

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