Faculty/Staff International Travel

The following are procedures for international travel. Please review carefully, as there have been some changes to the process and deadlines.

Note: For all Faculty and Staff-directed international travel with students (credit or non-credit, service-learning, conferences, research, sports, club, and artistic performances, etc.) a GEO program proposal form must be submitted. Proposals received after the posted deadline may be deferred until the following year.

All West Chester University personnel traveling internationally for university business must submit the International Travel Authorization Form at least 30 days prior to travel. This includes travel to locations outside of the continental United States such as,

  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Puerto Rico
  • American Samoa
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • Federated States of Micronesia
  • Guam
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Republic of Palau

There are two required forms to complete: the International Travel Authorization Form and the Technology Control Form . Both forms are to be submitted to the Global Engagement Office (GEO) at least 4-6 weeks prior to travel. Contact GEO at x3515 or studyabroad@wcupa.edu should you have any questions.

International Travel Authorization Form (ITAF) (Important Changes)

The international travel authorization is an online fillable form (see link above for access to the form). Please review the following steps below.

  1. Required fields on the form include:
    • Source of funding for the trip (SAP Cost Center). Check with your Dept. Chair or business manager for your college for the correct SAP number.
    • The total dollar amount approved for the trip. If you are not using University funds for your trip, you will have the option to declare that.
    • You must obtain the signatures from your Department Chair and Dean before submitting the form to the Global Engagement Office.
    • Please consider budgets carefully as your reimbursement will be delayed until you correct the budget on the ITAF and seek updated approvals.
    • There will be no cash advances
  2. Attach a one-page justification from one of the suggested items below:
    • A previously developed itemized estimation of costs (i.e. flight, hotel, conference registration, transportation, meals or per diem, etc.), with a description of the event for international travel.
    • Or, an acceptance letter (e-mail) if presenting a paper, holding a talk, attending a conference, etc.
    • Or, a short narrative of an international program/event you are attending (if you have documentation via e-mail or invitation, please include).
    • Or, any other justification you feel supports the purpose of the trip (leading a faculty/staff-led study abroad program, developing an international partnership, participating in an international event).

Please take note of the following:

  • The traveler should prepare the authorization form at least 4-6 weeks before departure, and before any reservations are made (if University funds will be used). The authorization form is required regardless of the source of funds for the trip. If the authorization form is received in the Provost/President Office after the traveler has departed, travel will not be approved and expenses will not be reimbursed. If you do not have a completely approved and submitted ITAF, there will be no reimbursements.
  • A fully signed and completed international travel authorization form will be emailed directly to the faculty or staff member as well as the Dean or Director's office.

Technology Control Plan Form

This form should be signed only by you and e-mailed directly to International Programs.

PASSHE and WCU developed procedures that will ensure that each of the System schools is in compliance with Federal government regulations regarding Embargo and Export Controls. The Global Engagement Office, WCU's Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) and the Information Services (IS) has developed a Technology Control Plan that will ensure your international travel compliance with Export Control Laws. WCU employees traveling overseas are required to review and sign the Technology Control Plan Form(s) . The traveler is the only person that signs this form, and it is e-mailed directly to the Global Engagement Office.

Personal or university issued smart phones are considered "technology/equipment".

As a general rule of thumb:

  1. If traveling on university business, AND carrying university technology/equipment, you are required to fill out both the "TMP" and "BAG" Forms.
  2. If traveling on university business, but carrying personal equipment, you are required to only fill out the one form labeled "BAG".

The federal rules require all travelers ensure that sensitive digital research data is appropriately protected. If you believe you are traveling with sensitive digital research data or to an embargoed country, the IS Division will need at least a two week notice to review the software and data contained on the laptop (or any other technical device) being taken out of the country. If you have any questions, please contact the University Designated Officer (UDO) for IS - Mr. JT Singh. He may be reached by e-mail or phone: (610) 436-1045.

Travel Reimbursement Process and Travel Voucher Form

The Accounts Payable form is for both domestic and international travel. The form is an online fillable form which will "do the math" for you with respect to per diems, provide links to important information and provide guidance with the travel regulations. The online form will still need to be printed and contain hand signatures from all necessary approvers.

  • Upon return, submit the travel voucher form to the appropriate offices to obtain all of the required signatures: Department Chair/Manager, Dean/Director, and if needed, Provost or VP, and President.
  • Itemized original receipts must accompany the signed travel vouchers
  • Credit Card Statements are not an acceptable form on receipt.
  • Additional signatures may be required.

Additional signatures may be required by the Associate Vice President of Sponsored Research if funding is provided by a Federal granting agency or by the local Faculty Grants Development (FGD) Committee. The AVP for international programs does not need to sign the reimbursement form upon return unless the Global Engagement Office is contributing funds to the trip.

*** Accounts Payable is also able to reimburse travelers via ACH (direct deposit). Once released, an ACH reimbursement takes two business days and is posted to your account as cash. No more trips to the bank. You will be notified when Accounts Payable releases your ACH payment via email. You will know when to expect it, the amount, and if you travel frequently on university business, which trips are being reimbursed.