Proof of Employment

Employees are required to present proof of employment prior to purchasing an employee parking permit.

Permit Eligibility

Employees are permitted to purchase a parking permit for all North and South Campus employee parking lots. This is an "E" permit.

Parking Lots

Employees with an "E" permit are permitted to park in the following parking lots:

  • A lot: The surface lot adjacent to the Sharpless Street Parking Garage
  • B lot: Rear of 25 University Avenue
  • E lot: Rear of Lawrence Center
  • G lot: Across from Philips Memorial Building
  • I Lot: Rosedale Ave, across from Library
  • J Lot: Rosedale Ave, next to McKelvie Hall
  • K1 lot: Adjacent to 809 Roslyn Avenue (ROTC Only)
  • L lot: Corner of New Street and Rosedale Ave.
  • Matlack Street Parking Garage: Off East Campus Drive
  • M lot: Behind the E.O. Bull Center, off High Street
  • M1 lot: Behind the E.O. Bull Center, south of East Campus Drive
  • M2 lot: Adjacent to Matlack Fields
  • M4: 887 Matlack Street
  • N lot: North side of Sturzebecker Health Science Center
  • Q lot: South of Farrell Stadium on South New Street
  • R lot: East of Farrell Stadium on Stadium Road
  • S3 lot: South New Street next to Serpico Stadium
  • T & T1 lot: McCoy Farm
  • U lot: 201 Carter Drive, south side
  • V lot: 201 Carter Drive, north side
  • W lot: Warehouse, north side
  • Y lot: South Campus Apartment Complex
  • X & X1 lot: The Village Apartments
  • Z & Z1 lot: 210 & 220 East Rosedale Avenue

Note: Spaces are designated by signage and two parallel white lines, except for the Wayne Gravel lot which is designated by concrete parking blocks.