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Information Services and Technology Procurement Policy


The purpose of the Information Services and Technology equipment purchasing policy is to abide by PASSHE policies and procedures and provide cost-effective standards for all end user computer hardware, software, mobile devices, printers, storage, servers, and cloud services for West Chester University. These standards allow Information Services and Technology (IS&T) to leverage economies, streamline operations, minimize down-time and provide for a higher quality service.IS&T Procurement Policy

IS&T's Hardware & Software Procurement Guidelines

  • IS&T is the sole authority for purchasing hardware, software, and services for the University. These include laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, mobile devices, printers, storage, servers, and cloud services.
  • A department or individual must purchase computer hardware and software through IS&T. Hardware or software not purchased through IS&T may not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • At a minimum all equipment must be tagged as an asset for inventory and tracking purposes.

IS&T Commitment to the Process

  • Providing consulting services including designing the optimal specifications which meet the individual or department requirements.
  • Obtaining the best price and/or service.
  • Prompt delivery and installation of equipment and software.
  • Installing University licensed software.
  • Providing access to University assets including the Internet, networked drives and printers, wireless and wired networking.

If a specific requirement cannot be met by University standards then non-standard items (including but not limited to a major project) will be considered on an individual basis and require the approval of the Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Information Services and Technology. Justifications can be sent to

The Purchasing Office will only process payment with approval from Information Services

Information Services will only approve the requested purchase with the endorsement of the party’s immediate supervisor and the Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Information Services and Technology. Upholding these standards and regulations is a joint effort between Purchasing and Information Services & Technology.

  • For specific product details, view our currently supported computers, printers and monitors.
  • Requests can be made through a Technology Request Form.
  • Any item over $2,000 MUST be processed as an electronic request (E-Req).
  • Apple products cannot be purchased on a credit card from retail locations, or, they MUST be ordered through a PO, and therefore may take longer to process than those items that are in stock.
  • Non-approved app purchases on University-Owned Wireless Communication Devices will be the financial responsibility of the assignee.
  • Questions concerning items being purchased should be directed to the IT Help Desk at (610) 436-3350 or email

Technology Request Workflow

This workflow is critical for WCU to inventory, image, configure, and service the equipment. In situations that require rapid response, the IT Help Desk will do everything it can to expedite requests. Technology requests that are specific to the needs of faculty/staff can be submitted through the IT Purchases website. Requests for technology that will be utilized by students for educational purposes should be directed to the Coordinator of Tech Fee Projects by emailing:


After a Technology Request Form. has been submitted, the IT Help Desk will generate a quote from the provided specifications and forward it to the party’s immediate supervisor for approval. Once approved, the IT Help Desk will then submit a requisition for the equipment. The IT Help Desk will then notify the department after the equipment has arrived, and has been configured to meet university standards.

NOTE: When an individual is no longer affiliated with university, it is the responsibility of the department to ensure the return of ALL assigned University-Owned equipment, and to notify the IT Help Desk to update equipment records.


Requests for Supported Equipment and Software

The list of university supported Software, Desktops and Laptops (Windows/ Mac), Tablets (iPad/ Surface), printers, and monitors can all be found on the IS&T Purchases website and will be purchased through approved university vendors. Standardized Lenovo Desktops, Laptops and monitors are all in stock.

Through a Technology Request Form, departments may also request peripherals including but not limited to batteries, power adapters, fusers, external hard drives, etc.

Cell Phones and other Wireless Communication Devices

Converged Communications will be the central billing and issuing agent of any University-Owned WCD with carrier services. Networking & Telecommunications will bill back departments using the campus charge-back procedures for all equipment and recurring monthly service and usage costs.

Departments will be responsible for monitoring the use of and paying for any carrier service charges for any University-Owned Wireless Communication Device (WCD) assigned to their department or department employees.

To place an order for a cell phone, use the Order a Cell Phone form on ServiceNow.

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