Community Engagement Pathway Certificate

The Community Engagement Pathway Certificate  is a 12-credit academic certification designed to foster civic engagement and a commitment to the public good. The CE pathway certificate at WCU is part of a nationwide movement to renew the practice of fostering participatory democracy in institutions of higher learning. All CE Pathway courses engage students in hands-on community engagement projects designed to meet authentic community partner needs. Such projects may take many forms, including: direct service, advocacy, research, and/or community organizing. Community-engaged learning’s basis in experience is essential to courses in this pathway; students engage in projects where the learning is augmented by performing activities in community with others, and in reflecting on those activities. Engagement with the community is also connected to curricular goals through critical reflection on the root structural issues and ethical dilemmas faced by citizens in our diverse society.

Details about the pathway certificate including Goals, Sample Student Learning Outcomes, and a Sample Assessment Rubric can be found in the linked document.