Faculty Work Group

The Service-Learning Work Group is comprised of 15 faculty from a variety of disciplines and colleges. The Work Group acts as an advisory board for the Center for Civic Engagement & Social Impact, identifying and prioritizing needs and projects that will improve the breadth and depth of service-learning opportunities at West Chester University. Members assist with coordinating and promoting efforts in service-learning within their respective departments and are available for faculty assistance. If you are interested in becoming involved with the Work Group, please contact Dr. Linda Stevenson, Service-Learning Faculty Associate or Ella Guimond, Associate Director.


  • Angela Lavery, Department of Graduate School of Social Work
  • Ashlie Delshad, Department of Political Science
  • Beatrice Adera, Department of Special Education 
  • Brie Radis, Department of Undergraduate Social Work
  • Chun-Chen (Liz) Wang, Department of Marketing
  • Eleanor (Ellie) Brown, Department of Psychology
  • Elizabeth Munz,Department of Communication and Media
  • Hannah Ashley, Department of English
  • Ilknur Sancak-Marusa, Department of English
  • Jasmin Tahmaseb McConatha, Department of Psychology
  • Katie Solic,Department of Literacy
  • Kyle Vealey, Department of English
  • Laura Pyott,Department of Mathematics
  • Linda Stevenson, Department of Political Science
  • Marci Major, Department of Music Education and Music Therapy
  • Martin Helmke, Department of Geology and Astronomy
  • Megan Schraedley, Department of Communication and Media
  • Whitney Katirai, Department of Health
  • William (Bill) Lalicker, Department of English
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